Siberian Truck Rally

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Race a carbon fiber super truck capable of amazing feats. But be careful because it is not invincible and can break.

Feel the rush of truck rally racing in Siberia like you have never done before!

Use the GPS navigation map and watch for road hazard signs that alert you of dangerous parts of the race track that will break your truck.

Tell your crew pit engineer that this super truck can handle 5,253 newton-meters of torque on the carbon fiber chassis before breaking! Any more than that and the wheels will fall of! So be carful on these race tracks.

This game is not for babies. You need to have some serious truck hill climbing and jumping chops to win in this race.

TIP: Don't jump too high or you will break the truck.

TIP: When racing fast, if you hit an obstacle you can bend and break your suspension off of the truck. So try to orient the truck so that the suspension can absorb the impact.

Packed full of fun:
* Loads of truck rally tracks through various locations in day, night, and sunset
* GPS game navigation system
* Truck headlights
* Global leaderboards and achievements
* Balance the truck by tilting the device or use touch controls
* Use the options menu to dial in your preferred music and sound effect levels